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Destinations - Santander

Barichara. Source: Uff.Travel
Las Iguanas Cave. Source: Uff.Travel
Chicamocha canyon. Source: Uff.Travel
Sogamoso River Canyon. Source: www.panoramio.com - Photo by Gustavo Adolfo Torres Angarita.
View of Bucaramanga. Source: www.panoramio.com - Photo by Jhon Jairo Salazar)
Girón. Source: www.panoramio.com - Photo by Juan Sebastián Echeverry.


Welcome to Santander!

Territory that shelters a vigorous cultural and natural landscape characterized by its beauty and gastronomy (local, national and international), adding adrenaline to the travel experience with the different possibilities offered by its contrasting scenarios for the practice of extreme sports.

Facts and tips

  • Due to its geographic and climatic characteristics, this region has the title of capital of adventure tourism in Colombia.
  • Please note that when adventure sports are practiced such as rafting, kayaking, caving, among others, there are several specialized guides in the region that provide support with the essential safety equipment.
  • The Cordillera Oriental (eastern range of the Andes) has multiples slopes that exceed the 3000 meters high.
  • Serranía de los Yariguíes (National Park), another of the physiographic wonders of this beautiful department, ideal for birdwatching.